Join Team Furtado!

Racehorse Ownership can offer exciting new eexperiences! Whether you are new to ownership, or already have years of experience, we would love to welcome you as an owner to Wiseton Stables, and help enhance your enjoyment of the sport. Entering the exciting world of racehorse ownership has never been easier. With several options available to you, from outright ownership, through to partnerships and syndicates.

Horse racing is one of the most-watched spectator sports in the world and you can be right at the heart of it by becoming a racehorse owner. There are over 13,500 registered owners in the UK, all playing an influential role in supporting this great sport.

Ivan can help you decide what sort of ownership is right for you, whether it be sole ownership, in a partnership, or as part of a syndicate. We usually have horses available for sale so please get in touch to organise a visit to our stables and discuss ownership options!


Sole Ownership

  • You become a registered owner with Weatherbys.
  • You can design your own individually coloured jockeys silks.
  • Ivan can assist you with buying a horse to suit your budget.
  • All training and racing costs are your sole responsibility
  • You receive all prize money won.

Company Ownership

  • Own your horse under the name of your company or business
  • Your company can own horses either outright or in partnership.
  • The company needs to be registered as an owner with Weatherbys.
  • You can design your own individually coloured jockeys silks.
  • All training and racing costs are the sole responsibility of the company.
  • The company receives all prize money won.


  • Syndicates allow ownership to be divided amongst a larger group of people, sharing the cost of the horse.
  • The group collectively owns the horse, but individual shareholders not need to be registered as sole owners with Weatherbys.
  • The organiser, or Syndicate Manager, DOES need to be registered with Weatherbys.
  • The day to day operation of the syndicate is the responsibility of the Syndicator, who manages all with the trainer on the syndicate’s behalf.
  • We already have some established Racing Syndicates associated with the yard, who usually have shares available, if you wish to join an existing syndicate, or we can help you put together your own syndicate.


  • Individuals or companies who can jointly own shares in a horse.
  • All partners need to be registered as owners with Weatherbys
  • The percentage of the horse each partner owns is registered.
  • Partnerships often comprise family members or friends, and spread the cost of racehorse ownership.
  • All costs and prize money are split based on percentage ownership share.

Racing Clubs

  • Unlike a syndicate, members of a racing club do not own the racehorses, which are owned by the Club.
  • Instead members pay a fee to be part of club and to enjoy some of the benefits of racehorse ownership.
  • This may include a share of any prize money won, depending on the club rules.
  • The Club may own one or more horses and these could change during the term of the membership.
  • The Club Manager is responsible for day to day operation of the racing club